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1) Complete all Business operation and check there are no pending EOD Blocking validation items.

2) Please find the following procedure to check the blocking validation details & clearing it,

a.Invoke HFTI and check for entered status Transaction. Post the same.

b.Invoke HFTI and check for posted status Transaction. Verify the same.

c. Invoke HIMCZ and Inquiry on non-closed Zone. Close the Zone.

d.Invoke HIMC/HICHB and inquiry on unverified Inventory Transaction List. Verify the same.

e. Invoke HAFI and check for not authorized records. Verify the same

f.   Also the Blocking validation report to be viewed to ensure all the blocking validations is cleared.

3) Only after clearing blocking validations (as explained in point 2 above), the users should submit Pre EOD menu ‘HISCOD’. This should be done before 05:00 PM. Custom validation has been incorporated in HISCOD menu (to be available in production soon). So if any blocking validation item is not cleared and submitted then appropriate error message will be shown and HISCOD will not be submitted.

4) For any clarification on clearing EOD blocking validations first raise issue to CPC SPOC. FAQ to be referred to before any issue is raised with HD team.

5) After initiating HISCOD menu, CPC SPOC Circle will be executing HSCOD for SOL Date Change

6) Inform CPC / SPOC Circle to execute HSCOD.


1)Don’t submit HISCOD without checking and clearing blocking validation items.

2)Once HISCOD is submitted, don’t execute 1st (HSCOD), 2nd (HSOLCOP) & 3rd (HSCOLD) EOD menu the same will be executed by CPC/SPOC.

3)Don’t raise blocking validations directly to Helpdesk or EOD Support Team. Please contact CPC team on the solution

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