Tuesday, September 24, 2013

general secretary’s desk

battle lines are drawn, let us be ready for a final show down
Dear Comrades,

1. 7th CPC & DA MERGER - INDEFINITE STRIKE: As all of you are aware, inspite of the peaceful agitational programmes including Parliament March and one day strike on 12th December 2012, the Central Government is not yet ready to concede our demand for appointment of 7th CPC, DA merger and the other demands raised by Confederation in the 15 point charter of demands. Thus confrontation has become inevitable. Before embarking upon a nationwide indefinite strike, Confederation has decided to conduct strike ballot on25th, 26th & 27th September, 2013. Details are available in the enclosed circulars of NFPF and Confederation.
The strike Ballot programme should be organised in a most effective manner in all the Circles and Divisions. P-3 Divisional Unions and Circle Unions should take the initiative to organise the strike ballot in their respective Divisions and Circles. Instructions regarding conducting of the strike ballot is given in the Confederation Circular. Please undertake intensive campaign in all Divisions and Circles. Conduct squad work, print and circulate the appeal, model strike ballot and 15 point charter of demands, posters etc. Each and every employee may be requested to cast their vote. The Programme should be implemented in all Divisions without fail. Full details are available in the website.

2. ALL INDIA TRADE UNION EDUCATION CAMP - MUMBAI - 2013 NOVEMBER 15 & 16: Details of the Camp is available in the enclosed circulars of NFPE and Confederation. Quota fixed for P3 Union is 30. Following number of P3 delegates shall attend the Camp at Mumbai on 15th and 16th November, 2013.

1) All CHQ Office bearers.

2) All Circle Secretaries (or their nominees)

3) Maharashtra Circle - 5 delegates.

Please book the tickets in advance.


Details are available in the enclosed circulars of NFPE and Confederation. Quota fixed for P-3 Union is 25. Following number of Women P3 delegates shall attend the Convention at New Delhi on 25th & 26th Nov. 2013.

1) All P3 CHQ Mahila Sub Committee members.

2) In addition minimum one lady delegate from each circle. (Effort may be made to ensure more participation)

3) Participation of maximum delegates from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, UP & Rajasthan Circles.

Please book the tickets in advance.

4. NFPE DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS INAUGURATION - 2013 NOVEMBER 24 - NEW DELHI: As decided in the Hyderabad Federal Council, one year long Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of NFPE will be organised throughout the country from 24-11-2013 to 24-11-2014. The inaugural function of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations will be held at New Delhi (MP’s Club, Near NFPE Office, North Avenue) on 24th November 2013. Those women delegates attending the Women’s Convention on 25th & 26th may attend this function also, if they can arrive on 24th morning. P-3 leaders in and around Delhi are requested to attend the inaugural function. During the one year period from 2013 November 24 to 2014 November 24, Diamond Jubilee of NFPE may be celebrated in all Divisions and Circles in a befitting manner.


AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) has decided to organise a massive Parliament March on 11th December 2013 at New Delhi. As P3 Union has always been championing the cause of GDS, it is our bounden duty to extend full solidarity and support to all the struggle programmes of GDS Union. All the Circle and Divisional Unions of P-3 are requested to ensure participation of maximum P3 members also in the GDS Parliament March on 11th December, 2013. Please book your travel tickets well in advance.


A mammoth Parliament March will be organised by Central Trade Unions in New Delhi on 12th December 2013 to protest against the anti-people and anti-labour policies of the Central Government. Those employees who are participating in the GDS Parliament March are requested to participate in the 12th December Parliament march also. Return tickets may be booked for 13th December, 2013.

Other issues: Cadre restructuring committee has been reconstituted and Secretary, Posts has assured that the committee shall finalise the proposals by the end of October, 2013. JCM, Departmental Council meeting is also scheduled to be held in October, 2013. Minutes of the JCM (DC) Standing Committee held on 23-8-2013 is published in the website. PA Recruitment final results of first phase circles will be announced shortly. Results of remaining circles will also be announced without much delay. LGO Examination is being held in September 2013. JCM National Circle meeting will be held in the month of October/November 2013.

RTP Case - P3 CHQ has decided to file a case for regularisation of RTP service in the Principal Bench of CAT, New Delhi. Case will be filed in the month of September 2013 itself

Yours sincerely,

            M. Krishnan,

General Secretary.
Dated – 13.09.2013

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