Monday, July 29, 2013


From                                                             Date 29.07.2013

The Sr. Superintendent of Pos.,


Sub: Settlement of minus balances in SB Accounts at ......... – Reg.

Ref: SSPOs., Letter No……….. dated ……

With reference to the letter cited , it has been mentioned that , there is negligence on my part, on the noted SB accounts which resulted in minus balance on the said accounts. Based on that, a recovery of Rs……………. is proposed to be made from my pay and allowances.

In this connection , I am to submit the following for your kind consideration and for issue of favourable orders.

1. Rule 18 of PO SB General Rules, 1981 empower the Postal Department to recover any excess paid amount paid to the depositor as arrears of Land Revenue from the depositors. Hence I request to initiate action as per the Rule ibid for settlement of the Minus Balance.

2. Further, I was not given any of the copy of documents, by which , establishing that I was actually responsible for the minus balance, since the noted dates of transactions were between the year …………… to …………….. For eg. copy of nominal role, user code maintenance record containing authorization on the software, print out copy of my pass word usage on the said transactions, copy of LOTs concerned , SO SB OM Register, SBCO OM register , SB 46 registers etc. Though, instructed in the ref., I was not allowed to pursue with the connected vouchers/supplied with copies of records etc. This is totally a denial of natural justice.

3. As per Rule 48 (ii) of PO SB Manual Volume I, the Ledger Assistant at HO should post the entries in the ledgers concerned and any discrepancy noticed should be booked into. This was not done in this case and the part of S.O. SB is completely hided , with a motive to favour on selected interests.

4. As per Rule 92 (2) (i) , (ii) , (iii), (v) and Rule 92(3) of PO SB Manual Volume I, Objection registers should be maintained with recordings of difference in balances at SO SB and SBCO and extract should be sent to S.O.s to rectify then and there. Monthly statement of the pending objections should be sent to the AO ICO (SB) and Senior Superintendent to take further action. These were not done in this case and if so the relevant records should be given access to the charged official to prove his innocence.

5. Since there are agreements made by the SBCO years-to-gether, and list of balances verified through the authorities concerned, for any reported left over/excess/short entries in manual ledgers/computers of …….. years back, the official working at S.O. level should not be selectively cornered.

6. As per Standard Inspection Questionnaire prescribed by the Department , vide para 27 (ii) and 32(c) checks should be made by the Inspecting authorities for verification of balances through issuance of SB 46 notices to the depositors concerned, and verification of SO balances concerned with HOs and nothing seems to be done in this case for the past …………….. years and failure, if any, is now rushed to be fixed only on the part of SO level, leaving the Inspecting authorities/Mail Overseers in a biased manner.

7. No sub- ordinate officers/ inspecting authorities/SO SB/SBCO officials, are issued with notices for recovery of pay, on whose part there are many such lapses in such of those cases, and I should not be singled out for any recovery in this case.

8. As per Rule 106 of P&T Man. Vol. III , any recovery can be imposed only when it is established, and in this case it was not done.

9. As per Rule 107 of P&T Man.Vol. III , the Disc. Authority should correctly assess in a realistic manner the contributory negligence, and while determining any omission or lapses on the loss considered and the extenuating circumstances in which the duties were performed by the official, shall be given due weight, but nothing has been done in this case.

In view of above, it is requested that I may be allowed to go through the records pertaining to the periods covered/ supplied with the copies of records as said above, under which such minus balances occurred. Thereafter, I shall give my final reply in this connection.

Thanking you Sir,

Yours faithfully,

Saturday, July 27, 2013


The 9th Federal Council of NFPE held at Hyderabad from 9th to 13th June 2013, gave a clarion call to the five lakhs Postal and RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) to be ready for an indefinite strike, in case our demand for setting up of seventh Central Pay Commission (CPC) and merger of DA with pay is rejected by the Central Government. The conference in one voice also demanded the Government to withdraw the Contributory Pension Scheme and scrap the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill. It further decided that even if Pay Commission is appointed, if the Government refuse to include the revision of wages and service conditions of GDS in the term of reference of the CPC and grant the DA merger benefit to GDS, entire employees shall go on indefinite strike.

The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, the united fighting organisation of Central Government Employees, in its 24th National Conference held at Kolkata from 4th to 6th May 2013 has taken a historic decision to go on indefinite strike demanding constitution of seventh CPC, DA merger, scrapping of New Pension Scheme and the settlement of the 15 point charter of demands. The decision of the Confederation clearly reflected the aspiration and commitment of about 28 lakhs of Central Government Employees and about 40 lakh Central Government Pensioners. Unlike in the past, this time, the Confederation has rightly decided to project the GDS demands as one of the main demands and in the 12th December 2012 strike the GDS participated in the strike en-masse as per the call given by NFPE, even though the so-called recognized union of GDS has not even given strike notice.

Finally, as in the past, as a logical corollary, the Railway and Defence employees Federations have also decided to go for an indefinite strike raising the 7th CPC and DA merger demand. Due to conscious and persistent effort made by Confederation, especially its versatile and undisputed leader Com. S. K. Vyas Ji, a joint meeting of AIRF, AIDEF and Confederation was arranged on 29th July 2013 and Joint Council of Action (JCA) is formed, the JCA decided to organize various campaign programmes, culminating in indefinite strike. As a first step it is decided to submit a letter to the Government listing out the demands and also its time-bound settlement. The seven point charter of demands includes setting up of 7th CPC, DA merger, compassionate appointment, regularization of GDS and Casual Labourers, Scrapping of PFRDA Bill, removal of bonus emolument ceiling, functioning of JCM and implementation of arbitration awards. Even though in the past, the dominant leadership of the National Council JCM has taken a stand that as GDS do not come under JCM, their demand cannot be included, this time the Confederation and NFPE leadership could convince them and they agreed for inclusion of GDS demands also.

Thus a situation has emerged wherein the entire Central Government employees stands united and determined to realize just and genuine demands. The message is loud and clear. Now it is the duty and responsibility of each and every one of us to carry the message to the grass-root level workers and build up broadest unity among the rank and file. Once such a rock-like unity for struggle is achieved, no Government can reject our justified demands. Time is short. Let us awake, arise and unite.

Probation period of PA/SA

Directorate vide memo No. 60-3/2013-SPB-I dated 8/7/2013 has clarified that ás per revised Recruitment Rules for the post of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assitant notified on 3rd November 2011, the period of probation is the same i.e. two years but the provision of Examination for confirmation has been discontinued and clearance of probation period is to be decided by the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC). It is also clarified that who have not yet cleared the confirmation test may not be subjected to confirmation examination but may be assessed for clearing their probation after taking into consideration their performance during the induction training, the special report /ACRs and any other relevant input. If they are not found up to the mark, their probation period may be extended as per the Government's instructins. In such cases, PAs/SAs shall be considered for clearance of probation period from a prospective date and not with retrospective effect.

Issue of Identity Cards to Central Govt. Pensioners reg.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Confederation News - National Secretariat Meeting

1st Floor, North Avenue Post office Building, New Delhi – 110001
Circular No. 2/2013 Dated – 23.07.2013

22.07.2013 – NEW DELHI


Dear Comrades,

The first meeting of the National Secretariat of the Confederation was held at New Delhi on 22.07.2013. Com. K. K. N. Kutty, National President, presided. The following office bearers were present:

Com. S. K. Vyas (Advisor), Com. K. K. N. Kutty (President), Com. M. S. Raja (Working President), Com. Giriraj Singh (Vice President), Com. M. Durai Pandian (Vice President), Com. N. Somaiah (Vice President), Com. M. Krishnan (Secretary General), Com. K. V. Jayaraj (Asst Secretary), Com. Pijush Roy (Asst. Secretary) Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas (Asst. Secretary), Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee (Financial Secretary), Com. G. Mani Achari (Org. Secretary) Com. R. P. Singh (Org. Secretary) Com. Arup Chatterjee (Org. Secretary).

The following office bearers applied for leave/expressed their inability to attend:

Com. R. N. Parashar (Asst. Secretary) Com. C. P. Sobhana (Org. Secretary) Com. Venkata Subramanian (Org. Secretary), Com. K. P. Rajagopal (Secretary)

The following office bearers could not reach due to train late/cancellation:

Com. T. Narasimhan (Vice President), Com. B. Krishna Gaud (Asst. Secretary), Com. Nilesh D. Nasare (Org. Secretary) Com. P. Suresh (Org. Secretary) Com. V. Nageswara Rao (Org. Secretary), Com. T. Satyanarayana (Org. Secretary), Com. T. K. R. Pillai (Auditor).

The following comrades were absent:

Com. Ashok B. Salunke (Vice President), Com. Ashok Kumar Kanojia (Org Secretary) Com. R. Seethalakshmi (Org. Secretary), Com. Y. Purohit (Org. Secretary).

Before Commencement the meeting paid homage to Late Com. Samar Mukherjee, Ex-MP and Veteran Parliamentarian by observing two minutes silence.

Com. S. K. Vyas, Advisor, in his opening remarks, explained the background of events which led to the formation of a Joint Council of Action of Railway (AIRF) Defence (AIDEF) and Confederation and also pointed out its weaknesses and limitations. He stressed the need to further strengthen the unity. He opined that on the 15 point charter of demands, Confederation must conduct its own independent campaign and agitational programmes. If the Railway and defence Federations come forward for serious agitational programmes including indefinite strike we must join such campaign and strike action.

Com. K. Raghavendran, Ex-Working President, Confederation also addressed the meeting. Thereafter discussion on all agenda items took place.

The following are the main highlights and decision of the National Secretariat meeting

1. Review of 24th National Conference held at Kolkata from 4th to 6th May 2013

Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General made a brief presentation of the Conference proceedings, which was approved by the house after discussion.

2. 15 Pointes charter of demands and future course of action.

The meeting decided to organize independent campaign and agitational programmes culminating in indefinite strike. The specific decisions were:
(i) To organize state level joint strike conventions of C-o-C with the participation of all affiliated unions/Associations/Federations during the month of August 2013. Whereever the C-O-C functioning is not satisfactory or has no participation of district units, efforts must be taken to revamp the committee.
(ii) To organize mass Relay dharna at different places in all important stations during the first week of September 2013 (from 02.09.2013 to 07.09.2013).
(iii)To conduct nationwide strike ballot during the last week of September 2013 (On 25, 26 and 27th September) Model of the ballot will be sent later.
(iv)To convene the Central Working Committee/Central Executive committee meetings of all affiliated unions/Associations/Federations before the 1st week of October 2013. All India Office Bearers of the Confederation may be invited to attend the meeting.

3. Joint programme of AIRF, AIDEF and Confederation:
It was decided to make all out effort to further strengthen the Joint council of action (JCA) and also to launch serious agitational programmes culminating in indefinite strike before December 2013.

4. Formation of State Committees and District Committees
It was decided to reorganize the COCs which are defunct or not functioning satisfactorily. This is to be done when the state level strike campaign conventions are organized. Participation of representatives of all affiliates should be ensured in the conventions.

5. Conducting of All India Mahila Convention of the Confederation.
It was decided to conduct two day’s All India Mahila Convention at New Delhi in the 3rd week of October 2013. C-O-C Delhi has agreed to host the Mahila Convention. Delegate fee shall be Rs.600/- per delegate. Participation of maximum number of Lady comrades from all states/affiliates should be ensured.

6. Organising Trade Union Education Camp:
It was decided to hold the Trade Union Education Camp at Mumbai in November/December 2013. Number of participants shall be 150 (maximum). Delegate fee Rs. 600/- per delegate Postal, ITEF, Audit & Accounts and Atomic Energy delegates accommodation shall be arranged by their respective Federations. C-O-C Mumbai shall function as the Reception committee. Date and Venue will be intimated later.

7. Publication of journal
Decided to publish a monthly journal. Name of the journal shall be “CONFEDERATION NEWS” (subject to availability at RNI) Editorial Board shall consist of Com. S. K. Vyas (Advisor) Com. K. K. N. Kutty (President) Com. M. S. Raja (Working President) Com. M .Krishnan (Secretary General) com. K. P. Rajagopal (Secretary) and Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee (Financial Secretary).

8. Financial Review:
Financial Secretary shall present the actual picture in the next meeting. Meanwhile letters should be sent to all affiliated unions to remit the arrears of quota immediately.

9. Letter from ITEF and reply
A letter received from Secretary General, ITEF and the reply given, regarding the election of new office bearers of the Confederation was presented in the meeting by the Secretary General, Confederation. It was decided to send an appeal letter to the ITEF requesting them to resolve the issue amicably.

10. Affiliation to new organizations:
The application for affiliation received from the following two organisations was considered and it is decided to grant affiliation subject to their accepting the terms & conditions for affiliation.
(i) Indian School of Mines Karmachari Sangh, Dhanbad.
(ii) Song and Drama Division Employees Associations, New Delhi

11. National Convention of Central Trade Unions on 6th August 2013.
The available National Secretariat members/leaders at Delhi will attend the convention on 6th.

President, Com. K. K. N. Kutty in his concluding remarks, briefed decisions taken in the meeting. The meeting ended at 5 PM.


All office Bearers, State Committees, other C-O-Cs and Affiliated Unions/ Associations/ Federations are requested to implement the above mentioned decisions of the National Secretariat meeting, WITHOUT FAIL.

This may be treated as most urgent/important,

Fraternally yours,
(K. K. N. Kutty) (M. Krishnan)
President Secretary General
Mob: 09811048303 Mob: 09447068125

RECONSTITUTION OF POSTAL SERVICES STAFF WELFARE BOARD FOR THE PERIOD FROM 01.04.2013 TO 31.03.2015 (Department of Posts Order dated 04th July -2013 placed below)


Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Story about Change - Chapter 2

Change can be difficult. The question to always ask is “What else is possible? How can I make it possible?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Installation of RF device by SIFY.

Department of Posts, India
Office of the Superintendent of Post offices,
Keonjhar Division. Keonjhargarh-758001.

*** With Entry/e-Mai
The ASP(I/C) Keonjhar East Sub Division
All IPs under Keonjhar Division
The Postmaster Keonjhargarh HO, Anandapur MDG, Barbil MDG,
All SPMs under Keonjhar Division.
No:- Tech-II
Dated at Keonjhargarh the 17th July 2013.

Sub:- Installation of RF device by SIFY.

           It is to intimate that M/s SIFY Corporation is going to install the RF device in all post offices including the administrative offices under Keonjhar division very shortly.

      Therefore you are directed to sign on the installation report of RF device by SIFY after correctly measuring the different items like height of pole/tower, length of STP cable, etc.

Supdt. of Post offices,
Keonjhar Division,
Copy to:-

1. All System Administrators under Keonjhar division for information and necessary guidance/supervision to the official concerned.

Supdt. of Post offices,
                                                                                                                                 Keonjhar Division,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Victory of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch - Order issued for conducting of Aptitude Test for grant of SB Allowance to Postal Assistants working in SB/SC branches of Post Offices on 25.08.2013

Dear Comrades,
You might be knowing that the last Four Monthly Meeting of NFPE unions with Chief PMG, Odisha Circle was held on 02.01.2013 and the AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch was represented by its Circle Secretary Com. R C Mishra and Asst. Circle Secretary Com. B Samal with the following items.
1. Fitting of glass panels in the counters of Project Arrow Post offices under Phase – I & II

2. Creation of LSG Supervisor Post in Sahidnagar MDG.
3. Holding of S B Aptitude Test in Odisha Circle.
Now Circle Office has issued order for conducting the S B Aptitude Test in Odisha Circle on 25.08.2013.


Department of Posts, India,
Office of the Pr. Chief Postmaster General,
Odisha Circle,Bhubaneswar- 751 001
Dated 12.07.2013
The P.M.G.
Sambalpur / Berhampur (GM) Region
All SSPOS/SPOs in Odisha Circle
The Supdt. PSD/CSD Bhubaneswar
The Supdt PSD Sambalpur

Sub: Conducting of Aptitude Test for grant of SB Allowance to Postal Assistants working in SB/SC branches of Post Offices on 25.08.2013

It has been decided to hold Aptitude Test for grant of SB allowance to Postal Assistants working in SB/SC branches of the Post Offices on dated 25.08.2013 (Sunday). The Test will be held as per SB Order No.16/2011 circulated vide Directorate letter No.113-07/2010-SB dated 23.08.2011.

1. Eligibility criteria: All Postal Assistants who have completed one year’s service as on 30.06.2013 shall be eligible for appearing in the Test.

2. Syllabus of Test: Syllabus of the Test as given in SB Order No. 16/2011 is given in Annexure-I.

3. Schedule of Test: The schedule of Test is furnished below:

Date of Test
Paper No
10.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M.

4. As per Directorate No. 7-14/2011-SPB-II dated 09.03.2011 the Divisional/Unit Heads will ensure & certify the following before recommending the application of the official for appearing in the Test.

i) No disciplinary action is pending or contemplated against the official.
ii) No punishment is current against the applicant.
iii) No adverse entry in the APAR/ACR in the last one /five year.
Candidates having any of the above infirmities should not be recommended even on provisional basis.

5. Venues for conducting the Test: The Test will be conducted at 03 Centers of the Circle, namely, Bhubaneswar, Berhampur (GM) and Sambalpur. Therefore, the applicant should state his choice of Center in the Application Form.
6. Schedule of activities of the Test are as under:

i) Last date for receipt of application in plain paper (proforma attached) at concerned Divisional Office/Unit from applicants: 23.07.2013
ii) Last date for submission of eligible applications along with Proforma Report (enclosed) duly filled in at Circle Office from Divisions/Units: 30.07.2013
7. Divisions/Units are requested to circulate this notification among all concerned immediately and start with the activity as per the notified schedule. The applicants may be advised to submit two copies of their recent passport size photographs (one pasted in the space provided on the application form and another stapled).

This issues with the approval of competent authority.
Encl: As above
Asst. Director (Rectt)
For Pr. CPMG, Odisha Circle,
Bhubaneswar - 751 001

State level Convention of Casual Labourers on 11.08.2013 in Bhubaneswar

Monday, July 15, 2013


Mutual Transfer of Postal Assistants under Rule-38 of Postal Manual Vol.IV in Odisha Circle.

The Competent Authority has approved the transfer of the following officials by mutual exchange in PA cadre under Rule-38 of P&T Man Vol.IV vide C.O. Memo No.ST/45-Rule-38 dated 11-07-2013.

Sl No.
Present Division
Division in which considered
Harihar Marandi
Ramakanta Bhoi

Pramod Kandulna
RMS “N” Dn.
RMS “K’’
Swatisudha Mohapatra
Satyabhama Nayak
Cuttack South
Manoj Kumar Rout
Cuttack South
Bishnupriya Mishra
Cuttack North
Jyotsna Naik
Cuttack North
Mamata Nayak
Cuttack South
Karunakar Jena
Cuttack South
Suchitra Moharana
Cuttack South
Aditya Devidatta Behera
Cuttack South
Pitabas Mahali
Braja Kishore Behera
Biswanath Panda
Saradananda Pradhan
Sisir Sahoo
Kulamani Kalo
Pradosh Kumar Sahoo
Mrutyunjaya Pandia
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