Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Com. M Krishnan, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C & Secretary General NFPE / Confederation retires from Govt. Service on 31.08.2014

May God Bless You

Originating from the Land of God
Holding the name “Krishnan”,
Embraces the Working Class with love
And serves the entire nation.

Oh! Proud son of the soil
Hi! Sincere friend,
You have no retirement
Your work has no end.

Govt. job defines retirement
But service to mankind not,
Work is still ahead of you
To proceed without but.

You will retire from a particular field
And that’s a mere formality,
You can’t give up the work we know
Superannuation won’t make any disparity.

An ardent lover and accredited leader you are
Not worried about your retirement day,
Work is not past of you
Allow me these words to say.

Not seen martyrs of P&T Trade Union Movement
Neither Babu Tarapada nor Dada Ghose,
Sacrificing their lives for benefit of Postal employees
Including Henry Barton and K G Bose.

But we are the fortunate witness of all your activities
Pioneering the past glories of our ancestors,
Crusading quite effervescently   without rest
Really! A veritable follower of the proud leaders.

You just continue your hard works silently
Allow success to make the noise,
Division to CHQ / NFPE to Confederation
What a great poise!

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C
And National Federation of Postal Employees,
Leaded by you efficiently with recoded achievements
Including Confederation of Central Govt. Employees.

You are the one and only one to lead as such
The entire working class is blessed and obliged,
Postal employees are too proud of you
For your bargaining skill and stands uncompromised.

Growth of the oppressed undulates your heart
Welfare of the working class remains the only aim,
Work for the GDS and Casual Workers even
Amidst onslaughts circumventing flawed blame.

Coalescing leadership and abundant confidence
Compelled the Govt. to form 7th Pay Commission,
The Central Government Employees’ Movement
Under your leadership really got a new dimension.

Performed throughout meticulously
Remaining chirpy and brisk,
Worked hard against injustice
Shouldering horrendous risk.

The Postal Workers have no words
To express their thanks and gratitude,
You have sacrificed your entire career
Redressing their grievances in positive attitude.

May you always have work for your hands to do
May the sun shine bright on your window pane,
May your pockets hold always a coin or two
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hands of a friend be always near
May God fill your heart with joy to cheer,
May God bless you to work better
May God sanctify you to perform smarter.

= Bruhaspati  Samal =
Secretary, AIPEU, Gr.-C

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