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AIPEU, Gr.-C Odisha Circle branch fixed deadline to go on agitation if long pending issues are not settled by Chief PMG Odisha Circle

N  F  P  E

Trilochan Parida                                                                     R.C.Mishra
 President                                                                             Circle Secretary                            
                                                                               Vice-President CHQ & Leader RJCM

No. UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha/05-2016                                               Dated-06-05-2016.

          Sri Tilak De, IPoS.
          The Chief Post Master General
          Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001.

Sub- Ventilation of resolutions adopted in Circle Working Committee Meeting & Circle Council Meeting of AIPEU, Gr-C, Odisha Circle, held at Yatri-Niwas, Khordha from 22-04-2016 to 24-04-2016 and it urged for liquidation of problems as early as possible to maintain peace & tranquillity.

Respected Sir,
        We are placing below the resolutions adopted on various problems confronted by our staff in the entire Circle and it is urged for tangible actions for early processing/settlement of the problems as soon as possible. It is to mention herewith that all the problems are rolling in various forums like Bi-Monthly meeting/ Four Monthly Meeting and RJCM Meeting for years together without any solutions. No action is forthcoming for removal hardships and miseries faced by ground level staff on hasty implementation of CBS & CIS and for supply of proper connectivity, supply of required hard wares, conveyed to the kind-self time to time vide this Circle Union’s letter of even number dated 20-07-2015, dated 09-09-2015, dated 17-10-2015, agenda items of dated 26-10-2015, dated 07-01-2016,, dated 08-01-2016, dated 25-01-2016 & dated 23-03-2016. The oppression on total group-c employees arisen out of CBS & CIS was discussed in details in the CWC & CC Meeting and everybody expressed dissatisfaction over inaction of Circle administration to remove the miseries of staff, leaving them helplessly to face the anger of public. The lady employees who have been working CBS Finacle are the worst sufferer, leaving offices in the late night without any protection, questioning to their security also. The social and family life of the employees have severely affected out of such problems and no remedial measures are forthcoming till date in spite of bringing the matter to the notice of our circle head time & again.

Similarly, problems like irregular calling of staff frequently on Sundays & holidays for various works like conductance of meetings, trainings, Melas, data migration etc which is nothing but adding salt to the injuries. The crystal clear orders of the Directorate vide letter No No. 16/56/2011-SR dated 08-07-2011 & letter No. 08/15/2011-SR dated 09-01-2012 not to conduct such frequent meetings, trainings & melas are grossly violated. The Divisions, ROs and even now Circle office are issuing orders for frequent drafting of staff on Sundays & Holidays and hence it is urged upon to kindly stop such irregular practice to avert great resent of staff.

 It has been observed that excess deputation of PAs to Divisional offices, ROs, CO & CPC are being made and they have been kept for years together, affecting the services in grass root level in operative offices. Now all the services like PLI/RPLI are being decentralized for which man power is required at operative offices and there is no justification in keeping them at divisional, ROs, CO & CPCs. Further it has been noticed that though orders for their return back to the divisions have been issued at CO and ROs, they have not been relieved from the higher offices and allowed to continue working without slightest regards to the orders of our authorities. It is urged that immediate action should be taken to return the PAs back to their divisions and no further action for drafting of staff on deputation.
            There is no solution to dequarterise the post offices having unsuitable/ insufficient attached post quarters. Most offices are running in private rented buildings and the house owners are not coming up for maintenance of buildings including the attached post quarters and a large number offices are coming under the zone of dequarterization and our SPM are forced to occupy the quarters in spite of the fact that the quarters are total unsuitable for living. Thereby, the poor SPMs are being taxed to huge financial loss in shape of loosing HRA every month. It is found that in many cases the HRA deducted from the pay of the SPMs is much more higher to the house rent paid to land lord and the schedule of accommodation of the quarters is too low than the entitlement of the SPM. So, it is quite unjustified not to consider the dequarterisation of the POs having unsuitable/ below standard accommodation. Though this union has gone with agenda items in the BI-Monthly meetings, Four monthly meetings and in RJCM Meeting, no tangible action is coming in dequarterisation of such post offices, adding to the discontent of employees.

This union observes that after implementation of CBS & CIS, the staff are being deputed to those establishments on deputation basis and are working for years. As CBS & CIS is a continuous process, it is urged for new creation of the staff strength for such CBS & CIS CPCs to make them separate establishment and action should be initiated for return back of the PAs on deputation to their parent offices.

This union takes a serious concern on the matter of non-maintenance of Departmental quarters for years together as a result which the staffs are forced to live with their family in the quarters in a unsafe condition. No action to repair the quarters is forth-coming though taking up the issue at various forums and always reply is given as paucity of fund. Similar is the non-maintenance of Departmental buildings on the plea of non-availability of funds. The Circle Office has to take action for getting proper allotment of funds to repair quarters & buildings and also for proper utilisation of funds.

Grave concern is also expressed for non-sanction of TA & Medical bills and long pending of such bills at the end of divisions when Department is ordering for frequent trainings, tours. As intimated to the union, the TA & Medical bills from 2012-13 are lying pending in the divisions. The position is very precarious in the divisions under Berhampur Region and the bills of last 5 years are pending showing paucity funds. It is the bounded duty of CO administration to collect the liability position of the division and to project the position correctly for allotment of funds to liquidate pending bills. Inspite of taking of this issue at RJCM Meeting, no result is forth-coming.

Non-payment of PLI/RPLI incentives to sales forces for years together on plea of paucity of fund is also demotivating staff in new procurement of business. Though the particular problem was taken as agenda item of RJCM Meeting, nothing tangible is coming out.

            Proper AMC to servers, UPS, Computers & its peripherals & gen sets etc is not being done, which is badly required when we have almost at the verge of completion of CBS & CIS. This item was taken in RJCM Meeting, but still no fruitful action is coming and there has been staff hardship working at bottom level.

There is total disruption in providing proper services to the beneficiaries of P & T Hospitals at Berhampur, Cuttack & C.G. Wellness Centre No-III, Bhubaneswar. Medicines are supplied after 2 to 3  days, 2- Substitute medicines are supplied in contrary to the medicines in the prescription. 3- Non-opening of the Dispensary time. 4- Various tests required for patients are not being done. 5- In case of referral cases the medicines prescribed by the doctor have been denied as in-admissible. 6- The pharmacist behaviour towards patient is very rude. We urge proper services to the beneficiaries.

Similarly the problems like non-provision of AC in bigger offices, air cooler to each & every post offices during hot summer, restoration of Armed Police Escort to cash vans of Bhubaneswar GPO and provision of Armed Police in all HOs for security of heavy cash & valuables kept overnight. (Inspite of discussing the above issue at various forums, no fruitful result is coming), & regarding fixing up line & limit of cash of the post offices.

The above problems are rolling over for years without any effective solution have agitated the minds of Group-C employees of the Circle and the CWC & CC Meeting convened from 22-04-2016 to 24-04-2016 took a serious view of the inaction to the issues and wants to convey to the kind-self with details for early solution to all those problems with a reply by 26-05-2016. It has been unanimously resolved that if no suitable reply  will be received by above date with concrete solution to all the above issues, we have no option left, but, to adopt Trade Union action for which the Circle administration will remain responsible.
Encl. As above
Yours faithfully,

Circle Secretary
Copy to:-1- All Circle Office bearers/Divisional Secretaries.
              2- Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretary General NFPE/ General Secretary AIPEU, Gr-C, CHQ for information. He is requested to kindly intervene, taking the cases at Directorate level for immediate solution of the problems and to avert strong discontentment of staff in Odisha Circle.

Circle Secretary



Departmental action:-

a) Supply of proper hardware to all CBS offices urgently for smooth functioning of the offices.
b) Supply of proper connectivity in NSP-1 & NSP-II.
c) Supply of 2GB RAM.
d) Supply of Pass Book printers to all CBS offices.
e) Supply of Laser Printers to all CBS offices.
f) Supply of UPS with proper back up and change of damaged batteries.
g) Supply of gen sets to all offices.
h) Proper training should be imparted to staff with practical knowledge.

Staff Problems to be removed:-

a) Joint responsibility should be fixed on divisional level team including within it  ASP, IP, SBCO & Head of the office.
b) Such teams should be formed headed by ASP/IP.
c) CPC is asking for user ID to liquidate blocking validation- order should be given not to transfer of User ID.
d) Order should be issued not to issue ATM Cards to Public presently with BO transactions to prevent fraud.
e) To stop conversion of offices & data migrations etc till completion normalcy in connectivity and proper running of Finacle.
f)- Payment of due compensation to staff on detention after office hours.
g)- Protection to staff & office valuables due to unpleasant/violent situations created by customers due to slow running of Finacle & link failure.

2-To stop drafting of Gr-C staff for conductance of meetings/ trainings/ melas & migration of data etc. on holidays & Sundays frequently by the orders of divisions, ROs &  CO in deviation to the clear instructions of the Directorate.

3- All PAs deputed to Circle office/ROs/ Divisional offices/ CPC should be returned back to their divisions immediately and no further deputation of PAs to afore-said higher offices.
4- All divisions should examine the number of POs in their divisions having unsuitable/ below standard attached post quarters and submit a list with feasibility report of such offices to RO/CO for dequarterization of all POs coming under such zone. Action should be taken by PMG/CPMG for dequarterisation of above offices, as envisized by DTE.

5- New establishment with sanctioned strength should be created for CBS CPC & CSI CPC and the quality checker of CPC should be well trained subject to condition that he should be from Accounts line. 

6- Immediate repairing & maintenance of quarters & Departmental buildings without further delay.

7- Liquidation of all pending TA & Medical bills of the divisions.

8- Payment of all pending PLI/RPLI incentive bills of the sales forces.

9- AMC to all servers, UPS, computers & its peripherals and Gen sets.

10- Removal of various problems caused to beneficiaries in P & T Dispensaries Berhampur, Cuttack & C.G Wellness Centre No-III Bhubaneswar.

11- Provision of AC to bigger offices and Air coolers to rest of the offices in the circle.

12- Restoration of provision of Armed Police escort to the cash vans of Bhubaneswar GPO & Rourkela HO( In this connection the discussions in Four Monthly Meeting & RJCM may kindly be referred to).Armed Police Escort should also be provided to all HOs for security of huge cash & valuables kept overnight,

13- Immediate finalization of fixing of line & limit of cash of the Post Offices.

Circle Secretary

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