Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pension payment by EMI continues!

Pension payment by EMI continues!

Honourable Prime Ministerji Namaskar. We are constrained to address this letter to you as we found that even after 50 days of implemented demonetization, the pensioners and family pensioners of government of India are not in a position to receive their pension amount today. Today being the pay-cum-pension day (31.12.2016) we are facing acute currency shortage in many post offices from where we draw our pension and family pension. State Bank of India reports 'no cash' beyond the paltry and insufficient level of currencies to post offices. The senior citizens including those aged above 80 and 90 are to get only around 2000 as pension today in many places. The authorities should have known to take sufficient precautionary measures to take care of payment of pension to Pensioners and family pensioners as all know that today is the pension day. We as part of the society were patient at your assuring words that after 50 days things will turn normal. But things have turned worse as at least last month pension day ensured better payment to us. We are pained to see that your assurances have become meaningless. We request that your administration should take instant measures to give relief to pensioners and family pensioners, who toiled for the society their entire service.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary

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