Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bogus - COD (cash on delivery parcles) billers booking though Post Offices

Postal department introduced BPCOD (business parcel COD) aims to quick e- payment of money to the senders rather than traditional VPP system. But this is golden duck to the some of the registered COD business senders (e-Billers with ID). Almost all post offices facing this bogus COD parcels aims to cheat the customers and gain money illegally. Some cases postmasters are reporting to the higher authorities and some cases it is not being done. The main aim of such billers to trap the postal customers by believing as if they are offering mobile 4G of cost Rs.15000/- to discount for Rs.4000/- as a special gift. After noting the address of the customers the billers are sending COD articles for Rs.4000/- and calling customers to collect from Post office. And pressing the Postal staff for quick delivery of such article by knowing the status in web.

Many of the customers turn out to post offices and believing the dept. keeping faith they are accepting the articles. On opening the article they has been cheating by placing some iron/copper plates, stones in the place of assured gift. Then they immediately rush to post office and demanding for repayment of their hard earned money during this demonetization period. But for the postal procedures once article is signed by the addressee for COD articles no repayment /return allowed. Some of the them are bitterly abusing and some aggrieved customers reporting in Police stations. Same day or next police S.I etc, are entering to the post offices and asking reasons for happenings booking FIRs . And News papers are also giving vide propaganda on this issues Due to this fraudulent billers dept, image and the official character is diminishing . One such incidence happened in my post office is enclosed here with for alertness of postmasters. This is not only in Hyderabad but also reported in Andhra Pradesh circle and in many other states. On bringing notice to the authorities they replied to take stern action if any compliant with evidence submitted them.

How to eliminate COD frauds:-

  1. Now COD is a age old thing. Govt. of India encouraging cash less payments. COD should be stopped.
  2. All COD billers should deposit at least 10 times of their monthly turnover. If any lapses the amount will be seized.
  3. E- Payment money to bills should not be paid immediately. If found satisfied their business with out complaint than only paid.
  4. The billers are cheating the customers hence every biller should enclose one invoice with amount .
  5. All CODs are allowed for open delivery only.
  6. If customer found dissatisfaction the collected amount should be return or replace the article as per customer desire.
  7. Proper checking on sending items at booking level which contents they are sending , there is as scope for sending Prohibited items. 
  8. If found any illegal activities of biller book cases as per Law.
(DISCLAIMER: The aim of this article to bring awareness of some fraud COD billers those damaging the image of the dept. The matter published in this article has no legal validity any one who feel difficulty to watch simply skip this blog.)

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