Saturday, June 2, 2018


An informal meeting held with the Officers of the Postal Department today at 4.00pm in Directorate. Shri Tilak De, Addl DG., Shri Sailendra Dashora, DDG(SR&Legal), Smt.Smrithi Saran, DDG (Estt) were present.
Com.P.Pandurangarao, G/S, AIPEU-GDS.,  Com.S.S.Mahadevaiah, G/S, AIGDSU., Com.P.U.Muralidharan, G/S, NUGDS., Com.B.V.Rao, AGS, AIGDSU attended from Unions' side.
The proposal for an honourable settlement for conclusion of the indefinite strike by GDS Unions for the last 11 days was not agreed by the Officers. The proposal for withdrawal of the strike from Administration side was not agreed by the General Secretaries of GDS Unions.
All GDS Unions decided to continue the indefinite strike.
We have focused the resentment and disappointment of lakhs of GDS busted out  in today's 'March to Sanchar Bhawan' programme. But in vain.
We have decided to continue the indefinite strike till an honourable settlement is reached.
The GDS CHQs are receiving reports from all Circles everyday. All the Circle Secretaries / CHQ Office bearers are informing the day to day activities of our Unions at field level.
Till this hour no confusion or wavering among the GDS employees on the continuation of the indefinite strike. With all determination GDS employees are participating in the strike. This should be ensured till conclusion.
All the CHQ office bearers, Circle / Division / Branch Secretaries / Conveners / active comrades of GDS unions and well wishers / supporters of  GDS are requested to keep the tempo till decision arrived from GDSs CHQs.

General Secretary
(M) 09849466595

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