Saturday, December 21, 2013

Union wrote to Administration on Post Quarter

No: UN/AIPEU/Gr-C/KJR/ BLDG/2013                                          Date: 13.12.2013


The Superintendent of Post offices

Keonjhar Division


Sub: Irregular occupation of staff quarter for office purpose.


          It is very much shocking to find that Divisional Administration has given permission to occupy one of the Four Type-111 quarters earmarked as Post-quarter of Postmaster located inside Keonjhargarh HO campus for functioning of two Sub Divisional offices and keeping PLI/RPLI records etc., damaging its original structure without permission of competent authority.

          It is needless to mention that the staff quarters have been built for the staying of staff, which should not be utilized normally for other purposes overlooking the welfare of staff members. If it is felt that the available space inside the HO building is not adequate to accommodate the Divisional and Sub Divisional offices, then alternate arrangement could have been made either by constructing vertical expansion of the building or hiring rented building. As per Rule, accommodation constructed to serve as quarters should not be diverted to any other use without previous sanction of Director General.

          The cycle stands constructed for the welfare of the staff is now being used for store and other is being used for Gen sets and staffs are keeping their vehicles under the open sky all over the year.

          If the present incumbent, the officiating Postmaster is not availing the post-quarter, the same could have been allotted to some other intended eligible staff as per the provision of Rules by suspending the post-quarter for the time being. As you know, scarcity of residential accommodation in Keonjhar town is very acute and the staff is wandering for the same without having a staff quarter for themselves. In this situation the post-quarter could have been allotted to them under staff welfare measure. But without doing so, the post-quarters has been mal-utilized for other purpose.

          The decision for functioning of office in the building of staff colony overlooking the inconvenience of the occupants is totally deplorable. There is apprehension of braking the peace atmosphere, privacy and free movement of family members staying in adjacent quarters, if Sub Divisional offices go on functioning inside the residential area which is against the welfare of staff.

           Therefore, this union is strongly protest such unilateral decision of the Administration and urged upon to stop the act of misutilizing post-quarter of Postmaster from any other use and same may be allotted to other needy officials till the joining of regular incumbent entitled to the post-quarter. It is further requested that the balcony of the quarter (original structure) which has been broken unauthorized for constructing stairs for new arrangement may be restored immediately.

                                                                                      Thanking you.

                                                                                                         Yours faithfully   
                                                                                                  Divisional Secretary
                                                                      AIPEU, Group-C
                                                               Keonjhar Divisional Branch

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