Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Appeal to the members of All India Postal Employees Union

Appeal to the members of All India Postal Employees Union

Dear Comrades,
It has come to our notice that some officials having no trade union spirit are now engaged in confusing and diverting our members to join in other union which has no existence at all. This has been done very tactfully with some vested interest only to weaken the strength of the National Federation of Postal Employees, the only federation protecting the interest of the Postal employees.

Some officials are collecting Authorization Letters in the name of NFPE very shrewdly to form another union. Dear Comrades ! Be aware of such officials who have no intention to work either for you or for the Department.

We sincerely appeal all our members to avoid such officials and give their Authorization Letters only to the Divisional Secretary, All India Postal Employees Union or his authorized person who is known to them. Please don’t sign more than one Authorization Letter. Or else, your membership will be seized till next verification process. 

In case of any doubt, please immediately call 9437753282 or  9938033810.

Let’s join hands to strengthen NFPE and protect our interest.

= A.K.Mishra =
Divisional Secretary
AIPEU, Group-C, Keonjhar Divisional Branch

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