Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Start up India
(Beginning of Capitalist Regime)

            On16th January, i.e. in the beginning of New Year our Hon`ble Prime-Minister has launched an ambitious Scheme “Start up India” which was announced by him in his speech to the Nation as Prime-Minister  from the Wall of Historical Red Fort  , New Delhi on 15th August 2015. The concept behind this is to create a congenial atmosphere and ease by relaxing all norms, rules and regulations to set up industries by the Industrialists so that the economy of the country may grow and more job opportunities may be created to the educated unemployed youth of the country.
            During his speech Prime-Minister stated that in the last 70 years Governments of India have done a lot but now enough is enough and the all types of business works should be stopped by the Government and it should be handed over to the entrepreneurs “Start up India” programme, the Prime-Minister has declared that for 3 years there will be no restrictions on entrepreneurs who establish Industries in this programme. They will be given Income Tax exemption for 3 years. If anybody establishes any business under this scheme after selling his moveable and immoveable properties. No Capital gain Tax will be levied on him. Besides this such Industrialists will also be given exemption from Labour Laws and environmental laws. Ten thousand crores rupees fund will be allotted for this scheme within 4 years. Government will provide more fund for innovation based programme. At 7(Seven) institutions research parks will be established.
            What does it mean in the context of working class? Earlier also Prime-Minister  has declared  that labour Inspector will not go to  visit  any industry to see the working conditions of labourers as it causes exploitation of Industrialists. Capitalists. Now the full exemption will be given from labour laws means a free hand to the capitalists to exploit labour like anything. The workers will not be given conducive atmosphere to work and even minimum wage will also not be given to  them. They will adopt hire and fire policy. As the amendment has been done in Apprenticeship   Act, so for two years they will take work from the workers as apprentice merely giving some stipend. Not only this they will take the work beyond 8 hours and no social security and Job Security will be given. So this type of provisions and open declaration by the Prime-Minister will give free had to Capitalists to exploit the workers to maximum extent.
            Giving exemption from Income Tax and Capital gain Tax will benefit the industrialists to maximize their profit and the burden of such exemptions will come on the shoulders of common Tax Payer. To provide Rs. Ten thousand crores fund within 4 years to the entrepreneurs is also a question mark? From where this money will come? This will also be given from the money collected through taxes from the common man. Besides this exemption from environmental laws will also worsen the position as they will exploit the natural resources like anything.
            So all beneficial schemes to the industrialists/capitalists and nothing to the working class of India..The workers are still deprived of minimum wage. Our Government  is crying that after implementation of 7th CPC  Rs.One Lac  crores  burden will come  while in other  side the top class industrialists  are given benefit of waiver of NPA of  Banks  worth  Rs. One lac twenty five thousand crores. Besides this within 5 years Rs. Twenty five lac crores exemption has been given to the corporates in various Taxes.
             The range of income tax exemption to the salaried class employees  is not being increased, so whatever is gained as DA as compensation to neutralize the price rise of market  is snatched by the government in the form of Income Tax.
            For seeking modification in 7th CPC the entirety of Central Government Employees is struggling.
            We as worker should analyse and understand the policies of Government of India who is intensifying the neo-liberal economic reforms in various ways like Start up India.
            So it is crystal clear that Start up India Programme is beginning of Capitalists Regime which is going to give more opportunities to the Capitalists to exploit the Working Class in various forms.

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