Monday, May 5, 2014


Some of our comrades are asking for clarification about the rate of cash handling allowance/Treasury Allowance

1.     As per DG (P) No. 6-1/99-PAP dated 28.10.1999, the rate of cash handling Allowance is as follows:

Upto 2 lakhs      -           Rs. 120/-
Above 1 lakhs   -           Rs. 160/-

(For Copy of the order please refer page 314 of “VENTURE” 2013 published by P3 CHQ)

2.     Consequent on implementation of 6th CPC recommendations, all allowances are doubled and accordingly cash handling allowance is also doubled. (Copy of Government of India orders No. 4/6/2008-Estt (Pay-II) dated 01.10.2008 enclosed)click here. Accordingly the cash handling allowance is revised as follows:

Upto 2 lakhs      -           240 (120 X 2)
Above 2 lakhs   -           320 (160 X 2)

3.     Consequent on increase in DA over 50% Government has issued orders to enhance various allowances by 25% and accordingly cash handling Allowance is also enhanced by 25% with effect from 01.01.2011. Thus the revised cash handling allowance is as follows:

Upto 2 lakhs      -           240 + 25% = 300.00
Above 2 lakhs   -           320 + 25% = 400.00
(Copy of the order No. F. No. 5-06/2011-PAP dated 24.01.2012 enclosed) Click here.

4.     In the Hand Book 2014, the rates of cash handling allowance is shown as 300 & 400 as per the above orders.

Hope that doubt is cleared. Now you may settle the case if any at your Divisional level.

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