Friday, August 29, 2014

Com. R N Dhal messaged Com. M Krishnan on the eve of later's retirement.

Reverend Comrade Krishnan Sahib,

I have neither seen Com. Karl Max, V I Lenin nor seen our leaders like Com. B N Ghosh, K G Bose, A S Rajan and Ganeya, but read about them and their works and deeds for the working class and in P & T movement and their sacrifices thereof. You are the real follower of them. I have seen them all through your life in person and thorough works and deeds. May God bless you  always and keep you in good and sound health  to continue your work for the working class. This is my prayer on the eve of your retirement from Govt. Service.
I convey red salute to you. You would be ever remembered.
With revolutionary greetings.
Comradely yours,
R N Dhal, Odisha

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