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PJCA/Resolution No-2/14                             Dated 28.08.2014

1)  The Cabinet Secretary                                 2) The Secretary 
     Government of India                                         Department of Posts 
     Cabinet Secretariat                                           Dak Bhawan 
     Rashtrapati Bhawan                                         Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001  
     New Delhi – 110001 

3) The Superintendent of Post Offices
    Keonjhar Division, Keonjhargarh-758001

Sub: -   Long Pending issues pertaining to Postal & RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) – agitational programmes – regarding. 
The meeting of the Postal Joint Council of Action ( PJCA) comprising all the affiliated  Unions/Associations of National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) & Federation of National  Postal  Organisations  (FNPO)  held  at  New  Delhi  on  28.07.2014  has  reviewed  the  overall  situation prevailing in Department of Posts and has come to the unanimous conclusion that the attitude of the Government  and  the  Department  of  Posts  in  settling  the  long  pending  demands  which  are agitating the minds of the Postal & RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) is not at all  positive,  in spite  of  the  fact  that  the  staff  unions  and  employees,  especially  the  above mentioned two recognised Federation (NFPE & FNPO) and all its affiliated Unions/Associations have extended full support and cooperation in implementing all developmental activities including IT Modernisation  project  and also in  increasing  the  efficiency,  productivity  and  revenue  of  the Department of Posts. Even the approved forums for negotiations like JCM Departmental Council are remaining defunct for the last many months, in spite of clear instructions from Cabinet Secretary and DOP&T. 
In view of the above, the meeting decided to organize following phased programme of agitation for calling attention of the authorities and also for realization of the genuine and justified demands of the employees, culminating in indefinite strike.  

Programme of action:     
1.     Submission of memorandum to Government and to Department of Posts on 28.08.2014 with mass demonstration in front of all offices all over the country. 
2.      Mass Dharna in front of all Postal/RMS Divisional offices on 24.09.2014. 
3.      Five days Relay Dharna in front of all circle/Regional office from 27.10.2014 to 31.10.2014 
4.      Massive Parliament March in the month of November 2014 (Date will be announced later) 
5.      Indefinite hunger fast in front of Dak Bhawan and all Circle/Regional/Divisional /DAP offices from 1st December 2014. 
6.      Indefinite strike (Date will be announced later). 
Charter of demands for settlement is enclosed herewith in Annexure-I. 
We earnestly   desire   that  the   Government   and   the  Department of Posts shall   take   initiative   for a  negotiated  settlement,  failing which  the entire   employees  will be  forced  to  tread  the  path   of  struggle as mentioned above. 
                                                                       Awaiting favourable response, 
                                                                                     Yours faithfully,  
              NFPE                                                                         FNPO

     (Amulya Ku. Mishra)                                              (Anasuya Mahanta)
     Divisional Secretary                                              Divisional Secretary
        AIPEU, Group 'C'                                                      NAPE, Group-C
Keonjhar Divisional Branch                                 Keonjhar Divisional Branch

     (Sarat Ch. Samal)                                              (Sanjib Kumar Das)
  Divisional Secretary                                            Divisional Secretary
AIPEU Postmen & MTS                                      NAPE Postman, & MTS
Keonjhar Divisional Branch                            Keonjhar Divisional Branch                                       

      Divisional Secretary                                   
      AIPEU GDS (NFPE)                                               
Keonjhar Divisional Branch                                                                                    

1.    Inclusion  of  Gramin  Dak  Sevaks  (GDS)  in  the  terms  of  reference  of  Seventh  Central  Pay 
  Commission.  Grant  of  Civil  Servant  status  to  GDS  and  grant  of  all  benefits  of  departmental 
employees on pro-rata basis without any discrimination. 
2.    Revision  of  wages  of  Casual,  Part-time,  Contingent  employees  with  effect  from  01.01.2006 
      consequent   on revision   of wages of regular employees   by   Sixth  Pay  Commission   and 
      Regularisation of services. 
3.   Grant of merger of 100% DA with  pay with effect from 01.01.2014 for all purposes,  including 
4.   Grant of 25% pay as Interim Relief (IR) with effect from 01.01.2014 to all employees including 
5.   Scrap   the   New   Pension   Scheme   (NPS)   and   Include   all   employees   recruited   on   or     
      after  01.01.2004 under the old statutory pension scheme. 
6.    Remove 5% condition for compassionate appointment and grant appointment in all deserving       
    cases   as   in   the   case   of   Railways.   Remove   the   minimum   50   points   condition   for   GDS 
    compassionate appointment. 
7.    Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres including MMS & GDS. 
      (a)  By direct recruitment 
      (b) By holding DPC and granting promotions 
      (c)  By conducting departmental promotional examination. 
8.    Implement Cadre Restructuring in Postal, RMS,  MMS and Postal Accounts as per the proposal   
     signed with the JCM (DC) staff side. 
9.   Settle MACP related issues. 
(a)  Promotions  accrued  by  passing  departmental  promotional  examinations  should  not  be 
     counted towards MACP. Implement Jodhpur CAT Judgment. 
(b)  Bench mark should not be made applicable to non-gazetted posts. 
(c)  Stepping up of pay with junior should be allowed in MACP also. 
(d)  Pay fixation on Promotional hierarchy and not Grade pay hierarchy 
10. Settle issues relating to Postmaster Cadre officials. 
      (a)  Allow to write IP and PS Group ‘B’ examinations 
      (b)  Relaxation  in  service  conditions  for  promotion  from  one  grade  to  another,  at  par  with  
             general line promotions to identical posts. 
       (c)  Filling up of all PS Group ‘B’, PM Grade III and Grade II posts by eligible officials and till that 
             time adhoc-promotion may be granted. 
       (d)  Other  related  issues  such  as  filling  up  of  100%  senior  Postmaster/Chief  Postmaster   
             Posts  earmarked for PM cadre by PM cadre officials alone  and maintainance of Circle 
            Gradation list etc. 
11. Reimburse full   mileage allowance to system Administrators and fix duty hours and responsibilities of SAs. Create separate cadre for system Administrators. 
12. Grant  of  Cash  handling  allowance  to  Treasurers  in  Post  offices  at  par  with  cashiers  in  RMS  &  Administrative offices. 
13. Counting of Special allowance granted to PO & RMS Accountants for pay fixation on promotions
as the promotional post involves higher responsibilities.  
14. Settle all issues related to IT Moderinisation Project – computerization, Core Banking Solution, 
      Core Insurance Solution etc. 
     (a)  Replace out dated computers and peripherals with new ones. 
     (b)  Increase network capabilities and Bandwidth.  
      (c)  Set right the Users credential problems in leave arrangements etc. 
      (d)  Stop hasty “Go live” of CBS, CIS till cleansing of data pucca. 
      (e)  Provide all assistance and stop harassment in the Implementation of CBS & CIS  
       (f)   Grant enhanced financial powers to Head Postmasters 
15. Prompt  and  regular  holding  of  JCM,  Departmental  Council  meeting,  Periodical  meeting  with  Secretary  Department  of  Posts,  Sports  Board  meeting  and  Welfare  Board  meeting.  Ensure  representation  of  recognised  Federations  in  Sports  Board  and  Welfare  Board  by  calling  for nominations. 
16. Ensure  prompt  and  regular  holding  of  JCM  (Regional  Council)  meeting  at  Circle  level,  Formal  Four monthly meeting with Chief PMG, Bi-monthly meeting at PMG/DPS HQ level and monthly meetings at Divisional level. Implement a monitoring mechanism at Directorate level to ensure   conducting of Circle/Divisional level meetings at regular intervals. 
17. Avoid  abnormal  delay  in  conducting  Departmental  promotion  Committees  (DPCs)  at  all  levels  and  grant promotion to eligible officials. 
18. Fill up all vacant posts of Chief Postmasters General (CPMsG) Postmaster Generals (PMsG) and 
      Director of Postal Services  (DPS). At  present, posts are remaining vacant for months  together 
      and additional charge/combined duty is ordered, which adversely affects the efficiency of the 
      services and also delay in settling staff matters. 
19. Notify canteen employees New Recruitment Rules and fill up all vacant posts in Departmental 
     Canteens/Tiffin Rooms exempting the posts from the purview of downsizing order and reviving 
      the posts abolished/kept vacant. 
20. Ensure  full  protection  of  existing  allowance  (TRCA)  of  GDS  employees  and  introduce    
       Medical  Reimbursement Scheme to GDS. Existing monthly emoluments (TRCA) drawn by the   
      GDS should  not be reduced under any circumstances. Revision of cash handling norms. 
21. Ensure time bound and speedy disposal of all Rule – 9 cases and Review/Revision petition cases 
      pending at Directorate level. 
22. Allot sufficient funds and sanction all pending bills. 
     (a)  PLI/RPLI incentive bills 
     (b)  Medical Reimbursement Bills (ROHSC) 
     (c) Tour TA bills 
     (d) OTA Bills 
23. Enhance overtime allowance rates at par with Railways. 
24. (a)  All Circle offices/Regional offices/DPLI office, Kolkata must be allowed to function as Circle 
            Processing  Centres  (CPCs)  while  implementing  Core  Insurance  Solutions  (CIS)  through     
            McCamish for steady growth of PLI/RPLI Business   
     (b)  Stop diversion of 615 posts (576 posts of PAs from C.O.s and 39 posts of PAs from APS PLI 
           CELL) ordered vide Department of Posts, Establishment Division No. 43-47/2013-PE-II dated      
           the 9th June,2014. 
       (c)  Stop  harassment  and  victimization  of  staff  of  Circle  Administrative  offices   in  the  name    
       of  decentralization of PLI/RPLI. 
 25. Stop  ordering   officials  to   work   on   Sundays  and   holidays   in  some   Circles  and  also  stop    
        harassment of staff by Circle/Regional/Divisional heads. Eg. 1) Karnataka Circle 2) Delhi Circle. 
26. Allot  sufficient  funds  to  circles  for  carrying  out  constructions,  repairs  and  maintenance  of   
       Departmental buildings/Postal Staff quarters and RMS Rest houses. 
27. Take stringent measures to eradicate corruption from Postal Department. Stern action should    
       be  taken  against  those  committing  frauds  and  corruption.  Stop  disciplinary  action  against 
      innocent  officials  in  the  name  of  contributory  negligence,  instead  of  punishing  the    
      principal  offender. 
28. Fillup all vacant posts of Astt. Manager/Manager and Sr. Manager in MMS 
29. Make  substitute  arrangement  in  all  vacant  Postmen  and  MTS  Posts.  Wherever  GDS  are   
      not available, outsiders should be allowed to work as substitutes. 
30. Modify the orders dated 22/5/1979 regarding existing time factor given for delivery of articles 
       taking in to account the actual time required for door to door delivery. 
31. Increase  the  percentage  of PS  Group  ‘B’  Posts  to  General  line  in  LDCE  and  allow  all   
      PACO/PA  SBCO & SA also to write the examination. 
32. Open more L1 offices as recommended by CPMsG Eg: Guntakal RMS in A.P Circle. 
33. Powers  for  writing  APARs  of  SBCO  staff  may  be  delegated  to  AO  (SBCO)  instead  of   
      Divisional   heads and stop imposing the work of SB Branch on SBCO. 
34. Prompt supply of good quality uniform and kit items and change of old specification. 
35. Stop  vindictive  actions  of  GM  (Finance)  Postal  Accounts  Chennai.  More  than  hundred    
       Postal   Accounts employees are charge sheeted. GM (Finance) even refused to heed the  
       instructions of   DDG (PAF). 
36. Review of marks of JAO (P) Part-II examination held in December 2012 in r/o SC/ST candidates. 
      As the exam was conducted on the basis of old Recruitment Rules i.e JAO and the said posts are    
      Group ‘B’ (Non-Gazetted) review may be held. 
37. Creation of appropriate number of posts of Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) in RMS after assessing the 
       total  work  hours  of  the  vacant  GDSMM  posts  to  mitigate  the  problems  of  the  staff  and   
       RMS services. 
38. Immediate notification of HSG-I Recruitment Rules and transferring of all IP line HSG-I posts to 
      General line as already agreed in the JCM Departmental Council meeting. 

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