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Resolution passed at 2nd DWC of AIPEU, Gr-C, Keonjhar Division

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No: UN/AIPEU/Gr-C/KJR/ DWC/2013                                            Date: 09.04.2013


All members
The 2nd DWC meeting of the union was held at PRC, Keonjhargarh HO on 07.04.2013 at 10 AM under the president-ship of Com. Sharat Chandra Patra. At the outset, the House passed the proposal of condolence prayer in the memory of departed Trade Unionists, Employees and Social Workers, who have passed away during the interval since last DWC.

2. The members were overwhelmed with joy at the news that Com. R.C.Mishra, our Circle secretary had been  elected as vice-president of AIPEU, Gr-C (CHQ) at last 29th AIC held at Thiruvananthapuram. The House passed unanimously a resolution for conveying warm greetings and hearty congratulations to Com. R.C.Mishra on such great victory.

3. The statistics on the membership and organizational review was presented by Com. A.K.Mishra, Divisional Secretary and it was observed that the membership collected so far is satisfactory. Further, it has been resolved that organizational meetings will be held at different places to educate our members on policy and programme of the Union and to assist GDS union to procure more membership.
4. An inforgettable and marvelous experience and observations on 29th AIC of AEPEU, Gr-C at Thiruvananthapuram from 10.03.2013 to 13.03.2013 were shared by Com. Kirti Ch. Das, veteran leader with the members present in the House. It was a historic AIC, he claimed. Com. Das explained the necessity for formation of Mahila Sub Committee at divisional level and also encouraged the new members to attend the next AIC. He concluded his topic requesting all members to participate actively in union matter.

5. The collection of subscriptions from members through deduction from salary is satisfactory. However, after ascertaining the quota position from Circle Union and CHQ and clearing the same, the financial position can be reflected.

6. While reviewing the agendas of monthly meetings with Divisional Superintendent, it was observed that a number of items pertaining to staff problems are not being attended by the Divisional Office with sincere and promptitude. The House expressed dissatisfaction over the in-action of the administration towards solving staff problems and fulfilling genuine demands.

7. With the permission of Chair, the following proposals were discussed and passed unanimously.

A. The agitational programmes on 12.12.12 and from 20.02.2013 to 21.02.2013 were reviewed and it has been decided that the members who had not participated in last strikes without adhering to CHQ/NFPE directives will be called for explanation. The DWC conveyed its revolutionary greetings to all members who participated and play active role in those strikes to make a grand success.

B. It has been decided to form Mahila Sub Committee at Divisional level within the Divisional branch.

C. It has been resolved that assistance will be given to contingent workers to convene a adhoc committee for redressal of their grievances.

D. Receipt books will be printed for granting towards receipt of monthly subscription/donation from the members.

E. It has been also decided to donate ` 500/- to local co-ordination committee of unions and Associations towards our share of the expenditure incurred in last 2 days strike programme.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair and the members attended.
                                                                                          Divisional Secretary
                                                                   AIPEU, Group-C
                                                             Keonjhar Divisional Branch


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