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Resolutions passed at 3rd DWC of AIPEU, Group-C, Keonjhar branch

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No: UN/AIPEU/Gr-C/KJR/ DWC/2013                                           Date: 16.08.2013


All members

The 3rd DWC meeting of the union was held at PRC, Keonjhargarh HO on 28.07.2013 at 10 AM under the president-ship of Com. Sharat Chandra Patra. At the outset, the DWC paid its homage in memory of all those comrades, political leaders, Artists, innocent public and other known or unknown personalities from our union fraternity, who have passed away during the interval since last DWC.

  1. The work report on proceedings of last DWC held on 07.04.2013 was presented by Com. A.K.Mishra, Divisional Secretary for elaborate deliberation, discussion and adaptation. The report was unanimously approved by the House.
  2. Veteran leader Com. K.C.Das delivered an eloquent speech on organization. He advised that organizational meetings should be conducted in remote areas and the Divisional Secretary of GDS union should take initiative with co-operation of Group-C union. Regular contact should be made by the members with Divisional Secretary on various problems they are facing in the work place. He also proposed that DWC members, who have failed to attend the DWC, should be contacted to know the reason for non-attendance.
  3. Com. Harihar Nayak, Postmaster, expressed his observation during agitation programme that the motivation/activation should be made all over the division like Headquarter. The members should have dedications/obligations towards the union. He also put forth the duties of members.
  4. Com. S.C.Samal, Divisional Secretary, Postman & MTS ventilated some problem with administration and in-action of the administration in solving the staff problem and fulfilling their genuine demands.
  5. Com R.K.Naik, Finance Secretary exhibited the accounts made after last DWC and he stated that union subscription is being collected through pay recovery and quota is being remitted regularly.
  6. While reviewing the agendas of monthly meetings with Divisional Superintendent, it was observed that a number of items pertaining to staff problems are not being attended by the Divisional Office with sincere and promptitude. The House expressed dissatisfaction over the in-action of the administration towards solving staff problems and fulfilling genuine demands.
  7. After discussion and interactions following resolutions were adopted.

  1. It has been decided to expedite the formation of Mahila Sub Committee at Divisional level within the Divisional branch.
  2. It has been resolved to mobilize maximum number of contingent paid workers of this Division to attend proposed Convention on 11.08.2013 at Bhubaneswar GPO to form the Circle Union of casual, part time & contingent paid employees.
  3. Printing of receipt books should be completed within a month.
  4. To conduct Dharana programme in front of Divisional Office taking the pending problems not solved within the jurisdiction of SPOs. The Dharana will be also be attended by Circle Secretary and some Circle Office bearers.
The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair and the members attended.

                                                                                 Divisional Secretary
                                                                                   AIPEU, Group-C,
                                                                    Keonjhar Divisional Branch
Copy submitted to:-

    1. Com. R.C.Mishra, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle for information.
    2. The Superintendent of Post Offices, Keonjhar Division, Keonjhargarh for kind information.
                                                                                   Divisional Secretary
                                                                                      AIPEU, Group-C
                                                                                        Keonjhar Divisional Branch


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