Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Issue NSC/KVP from 01/07/2016? [Step by Step Procedure]


1. Invoke the menu CMISAOP
2. In this screen choose Product group as NSC8 for issuing NSC and choose KVN for issuing KVP. See the image below.

For this explanation I'll choose NSC8 as option. Same procedure can be followed for KVP also.

3. After choosing NSC8 in product group, now click on searcher beside Scheme Code. You will get a screen as shown in the image below. See the image.
In this screen just click on the Scheme Code. In future just remember the scheme code as NSC16 and enter directly without clicking on the searcher.

4. After clicking on the scheme code, you will get a screen as shown in the below image. See the image.
Just click on GO. After Clicking on GO you will get a screen similar to screen of account opening of MIS and TD.
Just fill out the required fields like
a) Enter the mode of operation
b) Enter the deposit amount and mode of deposit
c) Enter related party details if account is a joint account
d) Enter Nominee details if any
e) Choose documents received as no.
After that Click on Submit. After clicking on submit button screen will show the FLOW details as shown in the below image. Note down the interest which you should write on the passbook.

  • That's it click on SUBMIT button again and note down the account number.
  • Verify this account number in supervisor login using CMISAOPV.
  • Ok now see the below image once.
In the image i noted three items as 1,2,3. If you see those fields you can clearly observe that, we are doing NSC issue. Always keep an eye on them and do not choose NSC for KVP or, MIS for NSC and vice versa. Mistake possibilities are very high.

  • So before you hit the submit button please see those fields once.
  • Also note down the maturity date to write on the pass book.
  • Now same procedure can be followed for issuing KVP also. Choose product group as KVN. Then click on searcher beside scheme code. You will get a screen as shown below.
Click on KVP16 and remember the code. And follow the same steps as in NSC issue.

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