Friday, July 1, 2016

Lunch hour demonstration by NFPE Unions of Bhubaneswar Division on 01.07.2016 protesting Cabinet decision to implement 7th CPC Report without modification sought by NJCA

Protest Demonstration was conducted in front of Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar
As per the call of the NJCA, Confederation and Postal JCA, NFPE Unions, Bhubaneswar Division headed by Com. B Samal, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division and assisted by Com. Sudhir Kumar Swain, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Postman & MTS, Bhubaneswar Division conducted the lunch hour protest demonstration strongly condemning the insensitive attitude of the Govt. to implement the recommendations of the 7th CPC without modification already sought for by the National JCA for which a notice has already been served to the Cabinet Secretary on 09.06.2016 to go on Indefinite Strike from 11.07.2016.
The BJP led NDA Govt. has remained so adamant that it did not consider right to call the NJCA leaders for a fruitful negotiation before taking any decision for implementation which was strongly condemned by the mass.  This showed the carelessness of the Govt. towards 47 lakh Central Govt. employees and 52 lakh C G pensioners. The avoidance of the Govt. will not be tolerated at all.
In the meantime, Railway Federations, Defence Federations and NJCA have already released Press Statements to go on Indefinite Strike from 11.07.2016. Thus. Com. Samal appealed all the members of Bhubaneswar Division through the mass gathered on the occasion to actively participate in the forthcoming Indefinite Strike and make it a grand success.
Now no other alternative is left but to go on Indefinite strike.


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