Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Add New KVP (KVN) Product to Agent in DOP Finacle

Add New KVP (KVN) Product to Agent in DOP Finacle

Many offices are migrated in Finacle before continuation of New KVP scheme. At the time of issuing KVP new in finacle, we face error related to invalid product code. To solve this type of error we have to modify the existing agent and add KVN product to Agent. 
HDSAMM command stands DSA Master Maintenance. It is used both add new agent and modify existing Agent. Please follow the below step to completion of modification of Agent. 
Menu Shortcut - HDSAMM > GO Function - M - Modify DSA ID - Fill required DSA ID GO
A screen DSA Master Maintenance is appear. Please see in the below screen shoot.
Click Product Click Add Click Searcher of Scheme code Select KVN3
After Select You will see the screen like this:-
Select Pay commission - Yes Subvention Reversal Credit Placeholder - 45089000 Next commission Date - 31-12-2099 Payment Freq - D-Daily Week Day Date N-Next Day As like Click Add Select KVN4
Repeat the process 
After add all scheme codes (KVN3, KVN4, KVN5, KVN6) click submit button
  • Login in Supervisor
  • Menu Shourtcut - HDSAMM
  • Function - V-Verify
  • DSA ID - Required DSA ID
  • GO
  • Click Submit Button
Hence the new Product has been add to particular Agent. Now you can issue KVN in this DSA ID.

Courtesy : http://dopfinacle.blogspot.in

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