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COD Articles Are Taken Receipt As Registered Parcel/VP Parcel At The Time Of Bag Opening:
  1. Check all the Parcels physically and take receipt of all COD parcels as COD only in Bag Opening option of Postman module. 
  2. Even though RMS (Parcel Hub) invoices the article as RP/VPP in the Parcel list, the delivery Post Office is supposed to take receipt of the article as COD only and raise error entry
  3. If the article is taken receipt as Registered Parcel/VP Parcel by mistake, don’t invoice the article as Registered Parcel/VP Parcel. There is an option to the Supervisor of the Postman module to change the Non COD article into a COD Parcel. Use this option, before invoicing the article to Postman/BO and change the article type to COD Parcel.

Not Requesting For Electronic Data If The Article Is Physically Received At An Office Other Than The Pin Code To Which It Is Booked

  1. By default, electronic data will be transmitted to the office to which the article is booked.
  2. If the article is received at an office other than the office to which it is booked, that office has to give request for electronic data.
  3. Electronic data will be sent within 3 hours
  4. If electronic data is not received within 3 hours, check the tracking of the article.
  5. If the article is already marked as RTS by some other office, the article has to be returned to sender by manual process
Non Usage Of Sub Accounts Module:

  1. Sub Accounts module should be in operation in all the HOs/SOs.
  2. The data of the articles delivered at Branch Post Offices will be transmitted to e Payment Server only if the amount of BO delivered articles and the amount entered under proper head in BO Daily account (sub accounts module) is tallied.
  3. Therefore, the BO Daily account has to be entered in Sub Accounts module properly.
Non Performing BO Verification:
  1. BO Verification is compulsory in order to transmit the data of COD Parcels delivered at Branch Post offices.
  2. For this purpose, the returns in Postman module has to be taken on the same day of BO Daily Account.
Mismatch Between The Names In Sub Accounts Module And Postman Module
  1. There should not be any mismatch between the BO names appearing in Postman module and Sub Accounts module. If any mismatch is there, then the articles delivered by such B.O.s will not be transmitted to ePayment Server. 
  2. Therefore, modify such BO names in Sub Accounts module to exactly match with that available in Postman module.
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