Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CHQ Circular on nation-wide strikes


                                                                          Dated - 14th July, 2015

All CHQ office bearers/Circle Secretaries
All Mahila Committee Members
All Divisional/Branch Secretaries

Sub:     Nation Wide Strike on 2nd September-2015 on the call of All Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations and Indefinite Strike from 23rd November, 2015 on call of National Council J.C.M.

Dear Comrades,

Confederation National Executive Committee Meeting held at ITEF HQ, Rajauri Garden, New Delhi on 12.07.2015 and NFPE Federal Secretariat Meeting held at NFPE HQ at North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi held on 13.07.2015, have decided to participate in the Nation Wide Strike on 2nd September-2015 on the call of All Central Trade Unions and independent Federations and  indefinite strike from 23rd November, 2015 on call of National Council (JCM).

We as AIPE Union Group ‘C’ being the affiliate of NFPE endorse the call of both strikes.

All details including Charter of Demands and regarding preparations and campaign programme and about serving of Strike Notice have been published in NFPE Circular No. PF-01/2015 dated 13.07.2015 which is enclosed herewith.

AIPE Union Group ‘C’ CHQ calls upon the entire rank and file to take action as per instructions contained in NFPE Circular and make maximum efforts to make both the strikes a grand success.

Please start action immediately and keep informing P-III CHQ and NFPEHQ regarding all activities related to strike.

With revolutionary greetings.

Yours Comradely,

(R. N. Parashar)
General Secretary

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