Wednesday, November 30, 2016

9th Joint Biennial Conference of Keonjhar Divisional Branch

The 9th Biennial conference of our union was held jointly with AIPEU, Postman/MTS & AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) unions from 19.11.2016 to 20.11.2016. Near about more than 200 comrades from all corners of the District attended the conference as well as the open session held on 20.11.2016 at 1100 hours at Gujurati Samaj Bhawan, Keonjhargarh. Never in the past such a huge participation was witnessed by anyone in the history of Keonjhar Divisional Branch.
The Morning Delegate Session was started at 0900 hours with slogans and clapping. Biennial Reports were placed by the Divisional Secretaries concerned before the House and the same were approved and adopted unanimously. Then the audited Accounts for the period since last conference of the unions were presented before the House and the same were approved unanimously.
The open session commenced with the flag hoisting at 1100 hours by Comrade Trilochan Parida, Circle President, Odisha. Homage to the Martyrs was given by garlanding the Martyr Column.  Comrade Kirtti Chandra Das, Ex-Divisional Secretary/Ex-Divisional President & the Chairman, Reception committee welcomed all the participants and guests. The open session was inaugurated by Com. Trilochan Parida, Circle President, Odisha with lighting candles.
Comrade Arun Das, Secretary, CPI (M) Local committee and Comrade Girija Mishra, Advocate, secretary, CITU District Committee were the hon’ble guests who had thrown light on the problems of the employees as well as the economic crisis of the country and the role of the working class and Comrade Ramesh Chandra Mishra, Vice President, Gr-C (CHQ) and Circle Secretary, Odisha, Comrade Debabrata Mohanty, Deputy General Secretary, Postman/MTS (CHQ) and Circle secretary, AIPEU, Postman/MTS & Com. Nirmal Singh, Circle Secretary, AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) were the hon’ble speakers  in the open session, who delivered beautiful oration on the role of the union in the present political scenario and on the adverse impact of neoliberal policies of the Government on the employees and the need for further united struggle with the working class to save the nation.
Comrade Bidyadhar Rana, retired member of Group-C union was honoured and felicitated by the conference. Com. Kirtti Chandra Das, Ex-Divisional Secretary/President, Com Sharat Chandra Patra, Ex-Divisional Secretary/President were also felicitated remembering their precious dedicated service for the union. All the guests and speakers were felicitated with Mementos.
Comrade Saroj Kumar Nayak, Divisional President, AIPEU, Group-C presided over the meeting. Comrade Sharat Chandra Patra, Ex- Divisional Secretary/President & the secretary Reception committee delivered vote of thanks, followed by International progressive song by the comrades.
After Lunch break Afternoon Delegate session started at about 1430 hours. Resolutions were resolved and placed on records and finally Election for the new office bearers was completed with sound of clapping. Comrade Saroj Kumar Nayak, Comrade Trilochan Mahanta & Comrade Debendra Kumar Mohapatra were elected unanimously as Divisional Secretary of AIPEU, Group-C, AIPEU, Postman /MTS & AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) respectively.

The followings have been elected as office Bearers and Working Committee Members on 20.11.2016

Sl No
Name of the official
      Com. Amulya Kumar Mishra, PA, Keonjhargarh HO  
Vice Presidents
 1.  Com. Swapneswar Sahoo, PRI (P), Keonjhargarh HO
 2.  Com. RaghunathTudu, OA, Divisional Office
 3.  Com. Bimbadhar Nayak, SPM, Raisuan SO
Divisional Secretary

     Com. Saroj Kumar Nayak, PA, Keonjhargarh HO

Assistant Secretaries
 1.  Com. Dhaneswar Mahanta, OA, Divisional Office
 2.  Com. Basanta Kumar Patra, SPM, Baneikala SO
 3.  Com. Basanta Kumar Nayak, SPM, Turumunga SO
 4.  Com. Bhubaneswar Nayak, OA, Divisional Office
Financial Secretary
      Com. Chatanya Charan Karua, SPM, K.Sc.College SO
Assistant Financial Secretary
      Com. Duryodhan Patra, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
Organizing Secretaries
 1.  Com. Khetrabasi Nayak, SPM, Saharpada SO
 2.  Com  Trilochan Sahoo, SPM, Sainkul SO
 3.  Com. Akhila Chandra Nayak, SPM, Janghira SO
 4.  Com. Ballav Patra, SPM, Ukhunda SO
      Com.Com.dhar Mallick, APM (A/Cs), Keonjhargarh HO
Circle Councilors
 1.  Com. Amulya Kumar Mishra, PA, Keonjhargarh HO

 2.  Com. Saroj Kumar Nayak, PA, Keonjhargarh HO

Delegate to Circle Conference
 1.  Com. Amulya Kumar Mishra, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
 2.  Com. Saroj Kumar Nayak, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
 3.  Com. Swapneswar Sahoo, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
Delegate to All India Conference
 1.  Com. Amulya Kumar Mishra, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
 2.  Com. Saroj Kumar Nayak, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
 3.  Com. Raghunath Tudu, OA, Divisional Office
 4.  Com. Basanta Kumar Nayak, SPM, Turumunga SO
Working Committee Members
 1.  Com. Upendra Nath Sahoo, OA, Divisional Office
 2.  Com. Umesh Chandra Nayak, OA, Divisional Office
 3.  Com. Guru Charan Nayak, PA, Barbil MDG
 4.  Com. Ratnakar Nayak, SPM, Suakati SO
 5.  Com. Rangadhar Nayak, Banspal SO
 6.  Com. Guru Govinda Nayak, SPM, Swampatna SO
 7.  Com. Mahendra Kumar Mahanta, PA, Joda SO
 8.  Com. Basanta Kumar Nayak (B), PA, Keonjhargarh HO
 9.  Com. Umakanta Sahoo, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
10. Com. Pranay Kumar Pandit, OA, Divisional Office
11. Com. Sarat Chandra Behera, PA, Keonjhargarh HO  

      The Biennial Conference has unanimously formed a Mahila Sub Committee consisting of the following comrades at Divisional Level for the co-ordination of women employees. It was further resolved that the Mahila Sub Committee will be invited for all Divisional Working Committee meeting.

Mahila Sub Committee
      Com. Prativa Mahanta, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
      Com. Pranati Panigrahi, SPM, Madhapur SO
      Com. Tapaswini Patra, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
1.   Com. Damayanti Nayak, SPM, K.N.Market SO
2.   Com. Rupal Rathor, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
3.   Com. Gitanjali  Gope, PA, Keonjhargarh HO
4.   Com. Binodini Sahoo, PA, CPC, Keonjhargarh HO
5.   Com. Nibedita Saint, PA, Barbil MDG

                                                                                                       Comradely yours

                                                                                             Divisional Secretary
                                                                                                AIPEU, Group-C
                                                                                     Keonjhar Divisional Branch

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