Monday, November 14, 2016

Do You Know How Much OTA Banks Are Paying To Staff? You Will Be Shocked To Know.

The following is the official correspondence from a nationalized bank to its branches. Read On.

Dear Sir

We advise the following decision of Competent Authority which is applicable up to 19.11.2016  for the effective implementation of the above Scheme of Government of India.

i)            For today i.e., 13.11.2016, the Branches will remain open one and half hours after their regular Business Hours;

ii)          Branches will be opened one hour before their regular Business Hours and close one and half hours after the regular Business Hours w.e.f. 14.11.2016 to 19.11.2016. Wherever there is holiday on 14.11.2016 under NI Act on account of Guru Nanak Jayanti or any other festival – all such branches/Offices will remain closed on that day;

iii)        The following arrangement will be there for our Bank staff/ex-staff:
Normal Working Day – Award/Sub Staff will be awarded Overtime at applicable rates as per work done by them beyond extended hours. (It should not normally be more than 4 hours per day)
a)   For Officer staff working on 12th November, 2016 (Saturday) & 13th November, 2016 (Sunday) - Rs 3,000/- per day  (No Compensatory Off will be given)
b)  For Award Staff working on 12th November, 2016 (Saturday) & 13th November, 2016 (Sunday) -  Overtime at permissible rates
c)   For Ex-Staff of the Bank  the following allowances will be payable for the days their services were/are engaged for implementation of the Scheme:

  Rs 1,500  for Ex-Sub staff per day
              Rs 2,000  for  Ex- Award Staff per day
              Rs 3,000 for Ex-Officer Staff irrespective of the category

iv)         Branch Manager can engage maximum 2 Ex-staff irrespective of category i.e., Officer/Award Staff. If she/he requires more than 2 ex-staff, prior permission to be taken from AGM ZO who is looking after Monitoring Cell; 

v)           Dinner allowance of Rs 500/- will be paid to all Officers from 14.11.2016 to 19.11.2016 who are involved in implementation of the above scheme;

vi)         No Leave should be sanctioned during this period except on account of medical, marriage or any other specific pressing reason;

vii)       The above facility will be made available to all the staff working in the Branch/Zone/NBG/HO/administrative offices who are involved in implementation of above scheme;

viii)     The above instruction are valid till 19.11.2016 only and the position will be reviewed thereafter;

ix)         The above are one time measures and shall not be quoted as precedence in future.

With warm regards,

Sushil Kumar Kasliwal
General Manager & Nodal Officer
Corporate Service Department.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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