Sunday, November 6, 2016

Procedure to Invoice COD Article without Booking Data in SpeedNet and Postman

Data Entry option is included in new SpeedNet 4.4.2 and Meghdoot 7.9.6 for handling COD articles of which Booking message has not been received. Following are the new procedure included in the Speednet and Postman module.

COD Data Entry in SpeedNet 4.4.2

  • If electronic data of the SP COD article is already received, then delivery post office can transfer the article to Meghdoot Postman directly in the same way as it is being done now.
  • If electronic data is not received, then delivery post office will be prompted to do data entry for such SP COD articles.
  • Once the "OK" button is clicked, then the data entry window will be shown:

Here, enter / scan the SP COD article barcode, key in the Addressee Name, Addressee Address, Addressee Pincode, COD Value of the SP COD article and Booking Office Pincode. Once the Booking Office Pincode is entered click on "Fetch" button or press "Enter" key and select the Booking Office Name from the dropdown list. Then, key in the Biller ID of Sender / Customer and select the Booking Date from the Date Time Picker.

Save the above entries i.e., click on "Save" button.

Once the above activity is completed, enter / scan the SP COD article barcode in the regular "Transfer to Meghdoot Postman" option (as is available now) and transfer the SP COD article to Meghdoot Postman. Further process remains the same in Meghdoot Postman.

Separate identity will be maintained by the SpeedNet and ePayment systems to identify such cases separately.

Checks at ePayment server and release of COD Payments

1. When the information of delivery of a SP COD article is received by the ePayment Server, the ePayment server will cross check the information entered by the delivery post offices with the booking information captured at the time of booking.
2. If the data entered by the delivery post office matches with the booking information, ePayment server will transmit the data of such matched articles to the payment office for effecting payment to the eBiller concerned.

3. The cases where the eBiller ID or SP COD Amount is not matched (OR) where booking information is not available in the SpeedNet system, such articles are shown in a separate MIS report to the Payment Divisions concerned in the ePayment Website. 

4. The Booking Divisions can cross check these articles and see whether these articles are booked in the system or not. If they are booked in the system, the booking division has to take action to transmit the booked data to Central Server, so that these articles can be released for payment.

COD Data Entry in Postman

The data entry option for COD articles for which electronic booking message is not received is available in this option. The menu option is “Postman Operator -> Invoicing ->COD Articles-> COD for Dataentry” 
  • Once the form is opened, the Physically received COD will be entered. Fill all the column with proper details and click “OK” button.
Fig: “COD Data Entry Screen”

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