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No. PF-66 /2016                                                                   Dated : 12th November,2016


            Shri B.V. Sudhakar,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan,
            New Delhi-110 001

Sub:    Demonetization Scheme of Government of India. Problems being faced         by the Staff in POs-Reg.


            Under demonetization scheme, Post Offices have also been entrusted work of deposit and exchange of withdrawn old series currency notes of Denomination of Rs. 500/- and 1000/- on par with Banks. There is vast difference in the infrastructure and facilities between Banks and Post Officers.

2          The problems being faced by the staff are mentioned below:

            (i)         There is no note counting machines in most of the Sub Post Offices. As the cash is coming for deposit in huge quantity so the counting machines are required in each Sub Post Office. This process will continue upto 30th December, 2016 and there is possibility that the Government may extend the date, so the counting machines should be supplied as early as possible.

            (ii)        Fake currency detecting machines are  also  required to detect the fake currency notes  because  due to heavy rush it will be very difficult for staff  working on counters to identify the notes so the poor postal employees may be safe  guarded to become victim of loss.

            (iii)       The working hours of Post Offices have been fixed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is totally impractical and harassment of staff particularly for those who are working in SOs .As in SOs there is no cash remitting facilities. Cash to SOs is supplied from HOs. No where cash reaches at 8 A.M. For remittance of cash to and from SOs, no proper arrangement has been made by the local authorities. Remittance of cash by the staff working in SOs to HO in late hours is very risky as there are no safety arrangements. Necessary instructions in this regard may be issued to all concerned.

            (iv)       All single handed sub post offices should be provided one additional hand till the finalization of this demonetization scheme so that other works of Pos may also run smoothly.

            (v)        Orders should be issued to accept WOS notes for other Government deposits like PLI/RPLI and other SB Schemes etc because when one person in single handed  SO is giving WOS notes to deposit or exchange in one side and if it is refused to deposit in PLI/RPLI and other SB Schemes , it is accepted  this becomes cause of quarrel. So necessary orders may be issued in this regard.

            (vi)       Proper security arrangements should be made in all Pos and particularly, for lady employees working in SOs at far off places should be provided conveyance facility with security in late hours.

            (vii)      For extra working hours and for holidays and Sundays remuneration at par with Banks should be paid to the all postal employees deployed in this work. It has come to our notice that Banks are paying award @ Rs.3000/- per day to officers and @ Rs.2000/- per day to subordinate staff and lunch & dinner allowance @ Rs.500/- per day.  Same may be paid to Postal Employees.

            (viii)     The huge amount of WOS notes is being accumulated in the Treasuries of HPOs with whom remitting is made and the SBI is refusing to accept the same Therefore, it is requested that the higher authorities of RBI and SBI should be contacted to cause the orders for their branches  to accept the WOS Cash from HOs so that surplus cash may be cleared from the treasuries of HPOs.

            It is therefore, requested to kindly cause suitable action on all above mentioned problems so that the aggrieved Postal Staff may get some relief.

            With regards,
Yours Sincerely,

            (R.N. Parashar)
                                                                                                                    Secretary General

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